Giving Tuesday-Melrose, MA Area Photographer

Kids like to play. They’re less interested in smiling for a camera and more interested in laughing at a poop joke. They like to teach me to count to three when I forget, and mostly they love tickling their siblings (unless they’re tickled back). Kids thrive when given the freedom to express themselves and the boundaries to keep them safe.

The Franklin ECC in Melrose, MA is a preschool that understands these things too. My son adored the school so much that when I was approached by a member of the PTA to do a fundraiser, I jumped on board. This year I gave 40% of all Franklin Fundraiser Mini Sessions directly to the PTA because schools need money to create the types of environments where children shine.

This has been my first year partnering with another organization, but it will certainly not be the last. I’m thinking ahead to 2022. I’m all in.

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