The Winter Storm-Wachusett Area Photography

Some in the east got ice and some got snow. My family and I were fortunate enough to partake in the beauty of both. Every year I try to take my husband on a weekend excursion for his birthday, February 4th, and every year the winter weather follows us for the journey. This year we trekked north to Lincoln, NH and the Ice Castles. Thursday’s warm rains turned into Friday’s winter wonderland, and we were blessed with an icing clad world to explore.

I only managed some cell phone shots of the ice castles, but the lights combined with the fluffy flakes looked like sparkles falling from the sky. My Lisa Frank-loving-inner-child was thrilled, my now 40-year-old husband was delighted, and my child was over tired, stimulated, and excited in the best possible of ways.

The Forest Path, Ice Castles, NH

Driving home on Saturday we saw the fluffy snow change to blinding ice. I dropped the family at home, and went on a solo adventure to capture nature’s show before it melted.

Falls in Rutland, MA

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