Senior Session in Holden, MA

There’s a magical place in Holden that I have a love/hate relationship with. The love is plentiful in that there are wooden bridges, rolling water, tall grasses, a pond, and abundant backdrops all in one local place.

The hate is definitely the name: Trout Brook. The name does absolutely nothing to help me woo clients there. In fact, most immediately turn down the idea. The name seems to conjure images of fish guts and grime, and the view from the road leaves a lot of doubts about what lies inside. I get it. I do. But a little trust can lead to some great results.

I’m so glad this senior believed in me and was willing to give the place a try. Do you see all of the awesome backdrops? Variety, variety, variety. AND there’s even more that didn’t make it into this session. You have to give your photographer some faith. After all, our jobs are to make you look your very best.

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